Orang Ulu Music – Sape

Lan E Tuyang performed by the Sape Masters: (l-r) Mathew Ngau Jau, Asang Lawai, and Tegit Usat at the 2011 Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak Borneo. These are recognized as the top sape players in Borneo and have all played internationally.

Lan-e Tuyang (meaning among friends) was originally a duo from Sarawak (Malaysia) consisting of Matthew Ngau Jau and his late uncle Uchau Bilung, both of whom play the sape, a long lute carved from solid wood. Their music originated in rituals associated with headhunters. The duo performed in many international concerts, and tourism promotions in Europe, Australia and Asia.

In 2009, Uchau Bilung passed away and the group continued under the guidance of Matthew Ngau Jau. A quartet formed by three sape players and one percussionist performed at the 2009 Rainforest World Music Festival.

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